The Metafinance Show – Interview with Gini Dietrich

We’re back with another edition of The Metafinance Show. This time, we talk with one of the most prolific PR Agency folks out there, Gini Dietrich.

interview with gini dietrich

She’s everywhere, but not in a Chris Pratt sorta way. Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich (a PR firm based in Chicago with associates all over the world) and blogger behind the wildly popular Spin Sucks blog, joins us to talk about the money side of entrepreneurship. It’s a first for The Metafinance Show, as we sit down with someone running an agency and get their thoughts on what happens when…

…you run out of money.
…Or when the new client will pay you after 90 days.
…Or when the bank decides to call in its note.

Clocking in at a little more than 20 minutes in length, it’s a wide-ranging discussion on the Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurship. Check it out!

Do You Bet on Greece or Puerto Rico?

Metafinance Square

As I was thinking about this post, I was reminded of an old joke. And one that requires you to say it out loud. The old joke was a multiple-choice question: “How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky?…Is it (A) ‘Lou-uh-ville’ or (B)’Lewis-ville?’” The answer, of course, is (C) Frankfort. Gotcha. So betting on Greece […]

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Does Your Credit Score Matter?

Your Credit Score

Welcome to a crazy, crazy world of personal finance. Three companies are keepers of three digits – and those numbers hold the key to your financial success…or do they? Way back when – and we’re talking 20 years ago, so thanks for making me feel old – I had intimate knowledge of the credit reporting […]

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New Job Money Considerations


Here’s a question that pops up more often lately than it did during the Great Recession: “I’m interviewing for a new job, and the salary bump would be at least 15%. Are there any other money considerations I should think about?” I’d love to say “ABSOLUTELY,” but I feel like that’s rather condescending. Still, when […]

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The Book We Wrote – Free for a Limited Time

Metafinance Square

A couple years back, in 2013, Dave wrote a book – and we believe it’s still relevant. How to Find an Extra $10,000: A Stealth Guide to More Money, Better Health, and Living the Lifestyle You’ve Imagined was penned based (loosely) on our sister site, There, our goal was to help readers put away an […]

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The Metafinance Show – Interview with Cynthia Drake

Cynthia Drake Interview

Another treat – we’re three-for-three with these interviews – this time we sat down with Cynthia Drake, author (and Mom) and someone who knows all about traveling on a budget. In fact, she knows so much about it, she wrote the book on Budget Travel. Here’s a link to Cynthia’s book: Budget Travel for the […]

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The Metafinance Show – Interview with Jamelle Sanders

Metafinance Jamelle

This edition of The Metafinance Show was a real treat for me – the first time I had a chance to talk live with Jamelle Sanders. He’s someone I’ve known for a few years – of course we met through social media – and he’s always struck me as one of the most positive people […]

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The Metafinance Show – Interview with Paul Hemphill

MF interview

We recently sat down via Google Hangout with Paul Hemphill, college admissions and financial aid consultant. We’ve known Paul for several years – going back to Dave’s days running a startup in college admissions called U Sphere – and we think you’ll like his engaging style. The subject of this interview: what the heck is […]

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Is This Card Worth It?

Credit Card Worth It

We’re sharing content here that recently appeared on one of our sister sites, In the mail awhile back, I received an “Invitation to Apply” for the American Express Platinum Card. If memory serves, I once had one of these cards – back during my startup days – and used it, but not enough to […]

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Don’t Fall For It…

Barbara Corcoran

The intersection of Facebook, Mortgages, and Celebrity Endorsements might fool SOME people. But not you… Here’s the “It” I’m talking about. Screen shot from Facebook. No. Let’s talk about what’s wrong with this. First of all, it’s HARP they’re talking about I clicked through the link – so you don’t have to – and Barbara […]

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