The Metafinance Show – Interview with Gini Dietrich

We’re back with another edition of The Metafinance Show. This time, we talk with one of the most prolific PR Agency folks out there, Gini Dietrich.

interview with gini dietrich

She’s everywhere, but not in a Chris Pratt sorta way. Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich (a PR firm based in Chicago with associates all over the world) and blogger behind the wildly popular Spin Sucks blog, joins us to talk about the money side of entrepreneurship. It’s a first for The Metafinance Show, as we sit down with someone running an agency and get their thoughts on what happens when…

…you run out of money.
…Or when the new client will pay you after 90 days.
…Or when the bank decides to call in its note.

Clocking in at a little more than 20 minutes in length, it’s a wide-ranging discussion on the Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurship. Check it out!

The Metafinance Show – Interview with Cynthia Drake

CynthiaAnother treat – we’re three-for-three with these interviews – this time we sat down with Cynthia Drake, author (and Mom) and someone who knows all about traveling on a budget. In fact, she knows so much about it, she wrote the book on Budget Travel.

Here’s a link to Cynthia’s book: Budget Travel for the Genius.

Some of what you’ll hear in this interview:

And you’ll see just how passionate she is about this subject!

The Metafinance Show – Interview with Cynthia Drake

Here’s the interview!

The Metafinance Show – Interview with Jamelle Sanders

Metafinance Jamelle This edition of The Metafinance Show was a real treat for me – the first time I had a chance to talk live with Jamelle Sanders. He’s someone I’ve known for a few years – of course we met through social media – and he’s always struck me as one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet.

(He has to be positive – he’s a coach!)

SIDEBAR: Jamelle has written a few books, and here’s an AFFILIATE LINK to the his latest, available on Amazon. It’s called Chosen and it looks at leadership in the 21st Century.

I wanted to find out what makes Jamelle tick, and also understand what drives him as an entrepreneur. We also get into the difference between passion and drive – and we learn the number one word in his mind (hint: starts with a “P”) that entrepreneurs need to have to give them a chance at success.

The Metafinance Show – Interview with Jamelle Sanders

Clocking in at just over 16 minutes, Jamelle touches on what makes him tick, and what qualities he looks for in entrepreneurs. We also learn about those degrees on his wall – and what has prepared him for his entrepreneurial journey.

I hope you enjoy this interview.

The Metafinance Show – Interview with Paul Hemphill

MF interviewWe recently sat down via Google Hangout with Paul Hemphill, college admissions and financial aid consultant. We’ve known Paul for several years – going back to Dave’s days running a startup in college admissions called U Sphere – and we think you’ll like his engaging style.

The subject of this interview: what the heck is going on with the college search and college debt process? Why the heck are families allowing students to go into crazy amounts of debt – SIX FIGURES! – in order to get what is perceived to be a Top Tier education?

The interview is in two parts – thanks to Dave’s inability to push buttons correctly – but it’s still worth a listen, especially if you:

  • Have a youngster who will be headed to college in a few years
  • Are late to the college planning process
  • Haven’t saved nearly enough money, but are still anxious to make sure you and your child make the right decisions OR
  • Are planning on sending your kid to an Ivy League school come Hell or high water.

There are more Metafinance Show episodes to come, but we’re pretty delighted with this interview.

BTW: Here’s a link to one of Paul’s books, called “Planning for College.”

Paul Hemphill Interview: