It sounds like a pie-in-the-sky idea: Retire at 40! Retire at 50! (Heck, even Retire at 60! seems way too optimistic…)

Sigh. Kinda depressing, right? But it doesn’t have to be.

Listen, we’ve been there: first we’re on track to retire early, then we’re on track to retire on time, now…

Well, your journey to retirement is not a straight line. Even if you’ve done everything you can possibly do…no one mutual fund guarantees you a straight line of return. Even the pension you earned is…well, depending upon what sort of pension it is and who is paying for it, that pension is tenuous at best.

Don’t fret, though. On this page, we’re going to keep you apprised of all the developments in retirement strategies, with a focus on the entrepreneur, the small business person, the solo practitioner. (Because I, Dave, have done all three – and learned a few things. And made a few mistakes.)